Tailoring evidence-based psychological therapY for People with common mental disorders including Psychotic EXperiences.


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The most common mental health disorders in the UK are depression and anxiety. However, not everyone experiences these disorders the same way.

Some people with these common mental health disorders also have psychotic experiences like visual and voice hallucinations, suspiciousness, and unusual thought content. Often, such people do not get the treatment they need as services for anxiety and depression don’t always address their psychotic experiences. This means that the psychotic experiences are left untreated. As a result, this can have a negative effect of their health and quality of life.

In the UK, more than 900,000 people receive treatment for depression and anxiety through the Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) services. A recent study shows that 30% of individuals receiving treatment in IAPT have psychotic experiences. As IAPT services don’t specifically target psychotic experiences, research shows that this population maybe less likely to recover compared to those without psychotic experiences.

Hoping to address this gap in treatment, the University of Cambridge and Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust have received funding from the National Institute for Health Research for a five-year study. This study aims to develop and evaluate a new talking therapy (CBT-Tackling Severity; CBT-ts) for IAPT services for people with common mental health disorders in addition to psychotic experiences. Currently, the TYPPEX programme is in the process of training IAPT therapists to deliver CBT-ts. By making treatment for psychotic experiences more accessible in primary care, we are hoping to help bridge the treatment gap, reduce the stigma, and normalise such experiences.

“About one in five people in the UK using IAPT services have some psychotic experiences after traumatic events”


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