TYPPEX x MED-I-CAKE@ Norwich Medical School

Written by cpearce

17 April 2023

After the success of Norwich Science Festival, we decided to replicate our stall (admittedly with less sweets) at the monthly MED-I-Cake meeting held at Norwich Medical School, home of our Collaborators Norwich Clinical Trials Unit. This gave us the opportunity to talk about the programme in a more academic setting, leading to more focused conversations about the intervention, the practical side of designing and running this sort of trial, the aims of the programme and our experience with disseminating our work, as well as psychotic experiences and the clinical elements of the programme. The opportunity to present to academics in lay terms gave us the unique chance to hone how we present our work at engagement and dissemination events in order to spread our message most effectively, and it was very useful (we also enjoyed the cake!).

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