International Clinical Trials Day 2023

Written by cpearce

22 May 2023

Did you know that research runs on biscuits?

For International Clinical Trials Day 2023, the TYPPEX team made a video exploring what it’s really like working in clinical trials. We are really proud of how collaborative our team is, with people working in a huge variety of different roles, from different backgrounds and with different skillsets, each as important as the others, all playing their part. We’re also a friendly bunch who happen to really like biscuits…

Research for All

Many of our team members emphasised the importance of Patient First Research in their interview, with a focus on public trust in study findings, involving people with lived experience in research, and giving people a voice. This helps to elevate the quality of our research and centre the voices that matter alongside the “experts”.

Behind the scenes…

Clinical trials have a vast scope, including mental health, physical health, drugs and devices, social care and behavioural interventions. There’s a huge amount of admin and documentation that goes on behind the scenes of every study, along with the dedicated team who work to engage participants in the research. In the video, Debra (one of our Research Associates) explained what this means for TYPPEX (and the importance of virtual cake emojis!) and how we work to engage the therapists and patients who are participating in the study.

Allan (Trial Statistician) explained how our statisticians work with the trial team to ensure the trial is performed as efficiently as possible and without bias, while addressing the research question. He also explained the role of statisticians in analysing the data produced by the study and ensuring the study findings are reported in a fair, consistent, and honest way.

Why are clinical trials like ours so important?

In the video, Michelle says, “all of our work, every therapy we deliver, is underpinned by an evidence base”. Ultimately, clinical trials contribute to that evidence base supporting current and new therapies and other types of treatment to improve patient outcomes and ultimately make a difference to people’s lives.

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